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A post every day.

Am working hard, trying to do a post everyday.  Guess I'm trying to make up for the 2 months where I didn't post anything. So consider this a "nothing" post whilst I think about more stuff I can write about. ... Continue Reading →

Testing post by email

Okay, been a long time since my last blog. Am trying out this feature on WordPress "Post by email". Maybe it will improve my blogging. But not so good on the pictures front. Hey, beggars can't be choosers. Gotta get... Continue Reading →

Getting back into the habit … (2)

With reference to my previous post about aiming to write 1000 words a day, just wanting to acknowledge that I am absolutely failing in this at the minute. 🙂  However, at least I am working hard at trying to get... Continue Reading →

Getting back into the habit …

One thing about getting into the habit, is that it is a lot harder than staying in the habit ... of doing things.  And getting out of the habit is so easy.  I notice all the reasons about why I... Continue Reading →

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