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Virgin Atlantic

It was our very first Virgin Atlantic flight. We were quite interested to see whether they would provide the excellent service we'd heard so much about. I think they must have not been talking about economy. Whilst the customer service... Continue Reading →

My memories of Christchurch

My heart has been filled with much sadness at pictures of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. I think it was the picture of the collapsed spire of Christ Church Cathedral and the metal conical structure. "Oh no, they are going... Continue Reading →

MacDonald Old England Spa Hotel

We stayed in this hotel on the shores of Lake Windermere during our trip to the Lake District.  I had found it on Trip Adviser and quite frankly could not go past the review that said "Expensive but well worth... Continue Reading →

Month 1 in England.

I can't believe it.  It's been a month (and a little bit more) since we arrived.  It has been a month that has crawled by, and yet it has sped by so very quickly.  I learnt some years ago, that... Continue Reading →

HMS Belfast

It pays to check the Transport for London website if you're planning on sightseeing. I found out the hard way, which resulted in confused passengers looking lost at the Tube map trying to figure out an alternative faster route. Generally,... Continue Reading →

Kew Gardens and Palace

The boys wanted a quiet Sunday in, so off I went to Kew Gardens by myself.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day - reminded me of Australia on those cool sunny days.  Walking to Kew took about 45 minutes... Continue Reading →

Postsmouth Historic Dockyard

The weather was quite breezy by the time we arrived.  The rail ended literally at the harbour. I think if it continued, it would have gone straight into the water. The area around the train station was a bit ratty,... Continue Reading →

Training to Portsmouth.

So we bought our national rail tickets.  Destination: Portsmouth.  Mission: HMS Victory.  We tried to get to this exhibit last time we were in London. But alas, bad traffic (and I mean really bad traffic), and congestion in the harbour... Continue Reading →

Richmond Park’s protected view.

Stepping through the gate into Richmond Park, you are transported into a whole new world.  It's a lot like the Chronicles of Narnia, when you step through the cupboard.  Leaving behind streets with neat rows of townhouses, you are suddenly... Continue Reading →

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