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“Fake” curry laksa

In Sydney, I used to go this place in Macquarie Shopping Centre that was pretty good for their chicken curry laksa.  Not mind you, for the dedicated among us, it not real curry laksa, but it was a pretty good... Continue Reading →

I still call Australia home

You know, one thing about being away, is that I really miss Australia.  Whilst I'm happy to be about travelling, I miss that which I have come to love about Australia.  It's as basic as knowing where to find the... Continue Reading →

A tourist in your own town.

In case I forgot anyone, here it is.  Just wanted to thank y'all for all the farewell parties, goodbyes and bon voyage. Thanks for making the time in all the little ways, whether it's company for food or drink, the... Continue Reading →

Were they just toying with us?

You know, moving countries is difficult enough, without having to get into power trips - in this case with the British High Commision (though I'm sure many other immigration departments apply.) I'm a good person. Why do they treat me like I'm not?

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