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sex education

I agree, it was too late.

I saw the Head Teacher tonight at the school production. I wanted him/her to know that just because I wrote the letter did not mean I was unhappy with the school. "Yes", she said. "It was sent out too late"... Continue Reading →

It’s not only a question of when, but how.

So, I was quite unhappy with how things turned out. Mind you, I'm not angry at the school, the teachers or anything. They want to teach what they want to teach. I can respect that. I also can respect that... Continue Reading →

It’s not a question of if, but of when.

The moment I had been "dreading"  had arrived. "Dreading" is not the right word. Rather, not waiting for it. For it's arrival means rather a loss (to me) of the innocence of "childness" - not childhood because this is an... Continue Reading →

Here’s a question for you …

... at what age should sex education begin, and at what age are schools teaching them?  And, exactly what topics should it cover?

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