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More on the Bourne Identity travel guide.

Just a post script. You can use any movie as a travel guide, but I liked Bourne Identity because it covers so many locations of cities I've enjoyed.  (And Berlin is up there as one of my favourite cities in... Continue Reading →

The Marlborough Pub.

Went to the Marlborough Pub on Friday for a pub dinner.  Located on Friar Stiles Road, it's a cosy pub, nicely decorated with a well-to-do clientele.  I guess I determined the "well-to-do" bit by both the prices on the menu,... Continue Reading →

Richmond Park’s protected view.

Stepping through the gate into Richmond Park, you are transported into a whole new world.  It's a lot like the Chronicles of Narnia, when you step through the cupboard.  Leaving behind streets with neat rows of townhouses, you are suddenly... Continue Reading →

Walking, walking, walking.

I am sure that even my personal trainer - well, the ex-personal trainer - would be proud of me.  I am walking like never before. After a week living here, I am getting used to the routine of catching buses... Continue Reading →

Lazy Sunday

A trip to the City from Richmond is a bit of a trek. Some planning is required, including allocating an allowance of 2 hours for travel time each way (door to door).

Day 3 in London

Another 5.30 am start.  I just don't do this in Sydney.  It's way too early!  I suppose I could go for a walk, but it looks way too cool.  So I'm sitting here updating my blog.  It means for me... Continue Reading →

Day 2 in London

We spent a beautiful English Spring day visiting Hampton Court Palace by public bus, and returning on the ferry. Our ad hoc itinerary ended up being a wonderful day and is a combination of activities you could consider on your trip to London.

Day 1 in London

If you call being in the airport on Day 1 of London, then I shall include it.  We arrived at Heathrow Terminal 4 at 5.30 am, and got through relatively quickly.  Quicker than I thought.  Perhaps it was my imagination... Continue Reading →

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