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I think you'd have gathered by now, that I don't do my blogs in necessarily the order that my life occurs. Sometimes, I'm off, seeing several places over several days, and it takes some days before I download my photos,... Continue Reading →

Our renting experience.

Renting in England complicated. But there is a simple rule that one should never forget: Read it, read it, read it.

Month 1 in England.

I can't believe it.  It's been a month (and a little bit more) since we arrived.  It has been a month that has crawled by, and yet it has sped by so very quickly.  I learnt some years ago, that... Continue Reading →

First week of school.

Change can be a good thing. It sometimes means doing some things differently, and if you open your mind to it, new things that you'd never thought of doing before.

Death by details.

The real difference in relocating, as opposed to travelling, is details, details, details.

Were they just toying with us?

You know, moving countries is difficult enough, without having to get into power trips - in this case with the British High Commision (though I'm sure many other immigration departments apply.) I'm a good person. Why do they treat me like I'm not?

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