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National Rail

Finding the cheapest train fares.

From time to time, I get really stumped and confused about how to find the cheapest train tickets.  Because different tracks are maanged by different companies, you have to do your homework to work out which way is best.  The... Continue Reading →

Postsmouth Historic Dockyard

The weather was quite breezy by the time we arrived.  The rail ended literally at the harbour. I think if it continued, it would have gone straight into the water. The area around the train station was a bit ratty,... Continue Reading →

Training to Portsmouth.

So we bought our national rail tickets.  Destination: Portsmouth.  Mission: HMS Victory.  We tried to get to this exhibit last time we were in London. But alas, bad traffic (and I mean really bad traffic), and congestion in the harbour... Continue Reading →

Of trains and tickets.

It's a long weekend here, and I had thoughts about going to Portsmouth for a day trip on Monday.  Portsmouth has a naval musuem including Admiral Nelson's ship - HMS Victory.  Nelson died at sea at the Battle of Trafalgar.... Continue Reading →

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