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Month 1 in England.

I can't believe it.  It's been a month (and a little bit more) since we arrived.  It has been a month that has crawled by, and yet it has sped by so very quickly.  I learnt some years ago, that... Continue Reading →

HMS Belfast

It pays to check the Transport for London website if you're planning on sightseeing. I found out the hard way, which resulted in confused passengers looking lost at the Tube map trying to figure out an alternative faster route. Generally,... Continue Reading →

Richmond Park’s protected view.

Stepping through the gate into Richmond Park, you are transported into a whole new world.  It's a lot like the Chronicles of Narnia, when you step through the cupboard.  Leaving behind streets with neat rows of townhouses, you are suddenly... Continue Reading →

Walking, walking, walking.

I am sure that even my personal trainer - well, the ex-personal trainer - would be proud of me.  I am walking like never before. After a week living here, I am getting used to the routine of catching buses... Continue Reading →

Of trains and tickets.

It's a long weekend here, and I had thoughts about going to Portsmouth for a day trip on Monday.  Portsmouth has a naval musuem including Admiral Nelson's ship - HMS Victory.  Nelson died at sea at the Battle of Trafalgar.... Continue Reading →

A tourist in your own town.

In case I forgot anyone, here it is.  Just wanted to thank y'all for all the farewell parties, goodbyes and bon voyage. Thanks for making the time in all the little ways, whether it's company for food or drink, the... Continue Reading →

Lazy Sunday

A trip to the City from Richmond is a bit of a trek. Some planning is required, including allocating an allowance of 2 hours for travel time each way (door to door).

Day 3 in London

Another 5.30 am start.  I just don't do this in Sydney.  It's way too early!  I suppose I could go for a walk, but it looks way too cool.  So I'm sitting here updating my blog.  It means for me... Continue Reading →

Day 2 in London

We spent a beautiful English Spring day visiting Hampton Court Palace by public bus, and returning on the ferry. Our ad hoc itinerary ended up being a wonderful day and is a combination of activities you could consider on your trip to London.

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