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The London Commute – Waterloo and City Line

  If you've ever wondered what a commute is like in London, here's a picture of the queue to get to Bank on the Warerloo City line at around 8.40 am. Commuters quietly queuing and inching their way into these... Continue Reading →

Where to holiday within 3 hours of London?

Child is off on a school trip to France, which leaves us at a loose end on where to travel. With only 3 days, 2 nights, I have looked at where to do a quick 'mini-break'.  Yes, there are many... Continue Reading →

Catching Eurostar from Gard du Nord to London.

Here is a little tip. Go early.  I know they say you need only check in one hour before the train departs.  Yes, this is for the train company. However, what they haven't told you is how long it takes... Continue Reading →


You know big houses do exist in London.  Of course, they do.  But sometimes, you just forget.  When you are in the midst of travelling in tunnels in little carriages, walking home to your abode that can fit no more... Continue Reading →

Gatwick Airport and EasyJet.

We began our journey to Berlin at 4.30 pm, and it took us about 1.5 hours to get to Gatwick Airport.  We must have caught the slow train from Clapham Junction, because it seemed to stop at every stop after... Continue Reading →

Phantom of the Opera.

A couple of weekends ago, I traipsed out to West End, looking for last minute tickets to Oliver, whilst Rowan Atkinson was still starring as Fagin.  Unfortunately, by 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon, tickets were all sold out.  The... Continue Reading →


I think you'd have gathered by now, that I don't do my blogs in necessarily the order that my life occurs. Sometimes, I'm off, seeing several places over several days, and it takes some days before I download my photos,... Continue Reading →

Westfield London

Wet and drizzling, we decided to hop off to check out our investment in Westfield London.  For those of you with Westfield shares in Australia, and concerned about this 1 billion dollar investment that Frankie made, let me tell you... Continue Reading →

Our renting experience.

Renting in England complicated. But there is a simple rule that one should never forget: Read it, read it, read it.

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