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You know big houses do exist in London.  Of course, they do.  But sometimes, you just forget.  When you are in the midst of travelling in tunnels in little carriages, walking home to your abode that can fit no more... Continue Reading →


I think you'd have gathered by now, that I don't do my blogs in necessarily the order that my life occurs. Sometimes, I'm off, seeing several places over several days, and it takes some days before I download my photos,... Continue Reading →

First week of school.

Change can be a good thing. It sometimes means doing some things differently, and if you open your mind to it, new things that you'd never thought of doing before.

A tourist in your own town.

In case I forgot anyone, here it is.  Just wanted to thank y'all for all the farewell parties, goodbyes and bon voyage. Thanks for making the time in all the little ways, whether it's company for food or drink, the... Continue Reading →

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