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Mills and Boon

Did you ever read this growing up? I remember spending an allowance or two at my favourite second-hand book shop in Serangoon Gardens called NIB. Sigh, I do have fond memories of trips on the bus with plastic bags full... Continue Reading →

Post-christmas travel home

Right. This will be a proper first post from the newly acquired iPhone 4. Yesterday doesn't count. I was doing a dry run. Tapping on rocking train is very tricky. Do forgive the invariable incoherent sentence that might result. I... Continue Reading →

New Kindle.

Got the new Kindle about 6 weeks ago. Love it! It's small and light, and yes, the e-ink is really good. The Kindle came in a box with a piece of printed plastic over the screen which had quick instructions... Continue Reading →

Decluttering to iPad.

I've been reflecting on the merits of getting an iPad to help me along with daily blogging. It's been growing in my head that it's a good idea to get a mobile device that I can tacker away from home,... Continue Reading →

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