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Gatwick Airport

Budgeting weekend trips to Europe

Everyone talks about how easy it is to travel from London to Europe.  And it is.  And, yes, you can get cheap fares and accommodations.  But I'm really talking to people who are past the dusty backpacker hovel stage, have... Continue Reading →

Gatwick Airport and EasyJet.

We began our journey to Berlin at 4.30 pm, and it took us about 1.5 hours to get to Gatwick Airport.  We must have caught the slow train from Clapham Junction, because it seemed to stop at every stop after... Continue Reading →

Finding the cheapest train fares.

From time to time, I get really stumped and confused about how to find the cheapest train tickets.  Because different tracks are maanged by different companies, you have to do your homework to work out which way is best.  The... Continue Reading →

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