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English weather

Hung parliament.

One thing great about blogs is that even if you're a non-expert you have a place to express opinion. Here's is my non-expert opinion: The electorate trusted neither the Conservatives nor Labour.  It would have been a hung parliament, whoever... Continue Reading →

What’s with the grey weather?

After all the sunshine the week after Easter, it's gone all cold and dreary again.  If volcanic ash brings sunshine, I say bring on the volcanic ash, unless of course, I happen to be flying by aeroplane to a lovely... Continue Reading →

Double digit days …

All of a sudden, the chill went, and the warmer days are here. Okay, when I say warm, I don't mean like 20 or 30 degrees C.  However, that the day's high is around 13 or 14 degrees is pretty... Continue Reading →

So winter has begun.

Today's weather was not only wet, it was windy and cold. My hands were chilled and I felt like I had stuck them in the freezer for a while.  I carried a big umbrella to the office, but big umbrellas... Continue Reading →

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