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Camino Frances – Day 40 plus – Boente to Pedrouza

   I seriously have lost track as to what day I am on. (I've not had wifi or good wifi in the albergues I stayed at. Hence, my relative silence. I will need to play catch up.) I know I... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 39 – Trabadelo to O’Cebreiro

   I had spent the previous evening tending to my feet. Thankfully the albergue had a private room of 4 with single beds. A German pilgrim was with me in the room. She wants to look at my foot. Most... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 38 – Camporanya to Trabadelo

   We woke at 4.30 am - to get an early start and avoid the heat that was yesterday. In a small squishy stuffy room, we pulled our things together as quietly as possible. I grabbed everything and went downstairs... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 37 – Molinaseca to Comporanya 

  Our stay in the pension brings us much rest. There's something about being in your own space. Khahn is snoring less now that she had her anti-histamine drugs and Sue accuses me of walking in my sleep in bed.... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 36 – Rabanal to Mollinaseca

   It wasn't early (like 4.30 am) but it is still the crack of dawn as we wake. Others are already up and packing. It is the usual buzz. I pull my clothing out from where I've wedged it in... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 35 – Astorga to Rabanal

   They say the camino gives you many unique memories and experiences. To this I say, t'is true.  Today, I awoke to the creaking noise of a bed that makes when someone is having sex - in the top bunk... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 34 – Astorga

   Astorga is a lovely town, like a mini Leon, only more expensive. I am not sure why but I still think Leon has more to offer. As I wandered around last night looking for that just a little bit... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 33 – Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga

   There was a giant Pa Pa Bear in the room last night. And he snored and he snored and he didn't stop. All night. And he sawed through my sleep. I woke up at 1 am to look for... Continue Reading →

Camino Frances – Day 32 – Villar de Mazarife to Hospital de Orbigo

   So today is another short walk. The day started early, around 7pm. I skipped breakfast. I'm becoming a little suspicious of what I would actually be getting for a meal. Sometimes you pay over money in good faith, and... Continue Reading →

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