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Have you seen it? I've been searching for a TED Talk video of a pair of friends who walked the camino together. One is a paraplegic. I saw this video before I left on the camino and it brought tears... Continue Reading →

2015 – Post-camino reflections 

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." It truly was. I started the year in 2015 believing it was, well ..., quite shit really.  I also believed it was a year that would end well.... Continue Reading →

The things I have learnt (so far) from walking the camino (or 2)

It is inevitable that I would be asked for my thoughts on the return of my 2nd camino. I ask of myself this question too, and many answers come into my head. Here is my attempt to organise these thoughts... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 6 – La Vega to Colunga photos

Today was really a lovely walk. It was a short stretch. Only 13 km as I had to catch the bus to Gijon. Here are the photos that accompany my previous post for this day. Enjoy!                   ... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 5 – Nueva to La Vega photos


Camino del Norte – Day 2 – Llanes to Pendeles

If you don't know your camino del Norte, not an eyelid you will bat. If you've walked the del Norte, then you will realise that I am heading east. Yes, that's right, I am walking the camino backwards. My friend... Continue Reading →


Post-Camino Frances Reflections - Week 8. One of the books I bought recently is Stuffocation. The title called out to me as I was in the process of de-cluttering my life.  (Still am.)  It's the first printed book I have... Continue Reading →

Post-Camino Frances – Reflections – I walked a *really* long way

   I took a moment to rifle back through all the days of my walks - what I thought, what I felt, what I saw. And I realise I walked a really long way - a really, really long way.... Continue Reading →

Post-Camino Frances – Reflections – Week 1

"So how was it?" That's a question most people will ask. Me, in my honesty (in my head): "I don't know." Out of my mouth, "It was great." "Tell me, tell me, what was great about it...." In this age... Continue Reading →

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