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The things I have learnt (so far) from walking the camino (or 2)

It is inevitable that I would be asked for my thoughts on the return of my 2nd camino. I ask of myself this question too, and many answers come into my head. Here is my attempt to organise these thoughts... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 8 – Aviles to London

Today was the earliest I had gotten up in my week on the camino. I was forced to get up in time to pack, check out and walk to the bus station. It was pretty dark at 7 am. The... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 7 – Colunga to Aviles

I pack up my back pack. By that I mean, I wash my sticks and empty the water bladder. I pull out my lightweight city backpack and fill it with the things I need for travelling - food, wallet, book,... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 6 – La Vega to Colunga

The alarm went off at 7.30 am. We were ready by 8 am. Our speediest time yet. Outside the window I could pilgrims trudging by. Perhaps they stayed at San Estaban overnight. We had a lovely breakfast buffet included in... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 5 – Nueva to La Vega

A lovely walking day today through farmland and villages and the odd highway or two. We left late again, at 9.30 am after breakfast. I have to admit, I'd like to get out earlier before it gets too hot but... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 4 – Llanes to Nuevas photos


Camino del Norte – Day 4 – Llanes to Nuevas

Dinner last night was delicious. For €10, We got a lovely mix of food. My friend ordered grilled prawns and crumbed veal. I ordered paella and rolled flounder with seafood. Plus wine, sangria, bread and water. Thinking back to the... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 3 – Pendueles to Llanes

Ok, we are heading West again. We're taking the bus as my friend is getting bored of the views. She's thinking about spending a day at the beach and sightseeing. I'm flexible, just going with the flow. I can spend... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 1 – London to Llanes

 So I finally did it. After much angst, procrastination and working through a multitude of reasons "why not", I am at the airport on my way to Bilbao. I booked my tickets really late, only 3 days ago. Bought a... Continue Reading →

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