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Camino del Norte – Day 3 – Pendueles to Llanes

Ok, we are heading West again. We're taking the bus as my friend is getting bored of the views. She's thinking about spending a day at the beach and sightseeing. I'm flexible, just going with the flow. I can spend... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 2 – Llanes to Pendeles

If you don't know your camino del Norte, not an eyelid you will bat. If you've walked the del Norte, then you will realise that I am heading east. Yes, that's right, I am walking the camino backwards. My friend... Continue Reading →

Camino del Norte – Day 1 – London to Llanes

 So I finally did it. After much angst, procrastination and working through a multitude of reasons "why not", I am at the airport on my way to Bilbao. I booked my tickets really late, only 3 days ago. Bought a... Continue Reading →

The reason why people like doing the camino.

It's precisely in your purposeless, non-goal-directed activity that you can discover a re-energizing, re-vivifying liberty you may have forgotten was always there - vibrating deep inside you. And, in these precious moments, you can recapture that wondrous, virginal sense of... Continue Reading →

Why I shouldn’t do another camino.

I am staring at all the different airfares.  In fact, I've been looking at it, off and on, for a while. A friend is starting the del norte next week, and I had thrown it out as a crazy idea... Continue Reading →

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Post-camino Frances Reflections - Week 12. The day is very cloudy and grey. It reminds me a lot of winter, and the coming season. Yet we are just one day shy of autumn.  Where is my yellow sunshine?  It's hard... Continue Reading →

More on de-Stuffocation

More on experientialism. Been noticing a trending in these types of articles. Maybe my brain is just a bit more wired to notice it. Basically article says travelling makes you happier.  Traveller


Post-Camino Frances Reflections - Week 8. One of the books I bought recently is Stuffocation. The title called out to me as I was in the process of de-cluttering my life.  (Still am.)  It's the first printed book I have... Continue Reading →

Post-Camino Frances – Reflections – Week 3

Life after the camino has been somewhat sluggish. I found it difficult to settle back into the normal routine, for what was that routine? Is it truly necessary for me to slip back to what life was? I hope not.... Continue Reading →

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