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British library

Occasionally, we find some cool things to do in London. Cool but tres geeky. Currently we've decided it's cool to try to read up on the British presence in Malaya and Singapore - from the original documentation. Not the rolled... Continue Reading →

Of attitude and customer service. BBC had an article about parking tickets and how you should challenge them, because 60% of cases are found in favour of the driver. Covering some examples of when drivers receive tickets, it gave good insight into the attitudes... Continue Reading →

Where to holiday within 3 hours of London?

Child is off on a school trip to France, which leaves us at a loose end on where to travel. With only 3 days, 2 nights, I have looked at where to do a quick 'mini-break'.  Yes, there are many... Continue Reading →

A few of my favourite shops

Thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite shops / brands in England, and not so favourite ... Waitrose I really like Waitrose. I like the range of products available. Most importantly, I prefer the freshness of their... Continue Reading →

Journey’s End

It's been a while since I went to a play at the Richmond Theatre. My last one was Pride and Prejudice in Autumn 2009. It really was quite awful.  I walked out halfway.  Not sure whether this had any bearing... Continue Reading →

First walk in Richmond Park

First walk in the park of the year. First walk in spring. Nice day but it really is cold. However, now that I'm outdoors, I really must give hip flexors a good stretch. Sun's out. It's really a nice day... Continue Reading →

Post-christmas travel home

Right. This will be a proper first post from the newly acquired iPhone 4. Yesterday doesn't count. I was doing a dry run. Tapping on rocking train is very tricky. Do forgive the invariable incoherent sentence that might result. I... Continue Reading →

More on the Bourne Identity travel guide.

Just a post script. You can use any movie as a travel guide, but I liked Bourne Identity because it covers so many locations of cities I've enjoyed.  (And Berlin is up there as one of my favourite cities in... Continue Reading →

Deer Hunter.

How does a deer cross the road? Riding through the Richmond Park the other day, and came upon this group of deer "deciding" to cross the road.  Yes, deciding. They were hovering by the path for a long time, hovering... Continue Reading →

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