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People buy the strangest things …

... And not when you think they'll buy it. I've been trying to sell these whoopie cushions in December which the little one got as presents in various Christmas parties over the last year. I thought it'd be a hot... Continue Reading →

Hello long time no see

It's 2 days after Christmas. I've spent the last week eating. I'm getting so filled with food that I really should stop, but the next meal is always so tasty. Thank goodness,I'm not alone in my misery and I have... Continue Reading →

So I’m sitting in the dark …

Well, not really. I have got the light on, and the little one is on the X-box, but I'm looking out the window and it is pretty dark. Pretty dark, that is, for 5.41 pm. Clocks went back on the... Continue Reading →

New Kindle.

Got the new Kindle about 6 weeks ago. Love it! It's small and light, and yes, the e-ink is really good. The Kindle came in a box with a piece of printed plastic over the screen which had quick instructions... Continue Reading →

Late at night …

Woke up in the middle of the night. Couldn't sleep. Been having a busy couple of weekends. Been a busy couple of months. Actually, been a busy year. It's kinda cold outside, the heater is on. Can't believe it. Last... Continue Reading →

Bad Apple.

Apple UK have this grand in-store customer service thing. You can buy from any Apple staff member, who have one of these portable credit card devices. I suppose this is all part of making buying easier, accessible, organic and less... Continue Reading →

Trees getting brown.

Only a month ago, I wrote that the grass was getting brown. Only 4 weeks on, I am letting you know that the trees are beginning to go brown. You can just see the hint of it, in the different... Continue Reading →

More about decluttering to iPad.

If truth be known, I have been de-cluttering for about 9 months now. And part of the reason it's taken me so long is because I try to sell most of the items on eBay before sending it onto Oxfam... Continue Reading →

Grand Trianon at Versailles.

This is the 3rd post on Versailles, and covers photos from the Grand Trianon.  The Grand Trianon was built by Louis XIV as a retreat for him and his mistress, and where he could entertain guests away from the court... Continue Reading →

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