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It's strange how our thought processes work. Well, maybe mine. I'm standing in line at Starbucks, I'm hungry, I'm thinking of cheese and ham croissant toasted. I'm thinking of a coffee I always order at Starbucks. It suddenly slips my... Continue Reading →

Of learning interior design.

So the thing I like so far, given the time to work on it, is drafting and planning. I quite like it and the slowness of it, the thinking through of an idea of a plan in my head and... Continue Reading →

How did we get to April?

Seriously. I still remembering preparing for Christmas, Christmas parties, freezing cold and dark days. This year has gone so fast. It's speeding by. I love it because I'm doing tons of everything and nothing. And yet, I want it to... Continue Reading →

Jesus to a child.

The little one is off to school camp and the flat is quiet. It's always a time where we can do our own thing and not get caught up with watching Cartoon Network or the Xbox on the TV. I'm... Continue Reading →

Of headaches and saturation point.

Oh, big headache when learning something new. Am doing an interior design course. Not sure if I mentioned it before. Slowly getting to grips with it, I think. I guess some things I'm learning to think about more better than... Continue Reading →

iPhone dining

We went out with a few iPhone carrying friends - iPhones, actually. It's the new experience.  Once you arrive and do the obligatory 'muah', 'muah', everyone has to check in on their Facebook account tag all the friends who are... Continue Reading →

On learning lighting

I'm endeavouring to learn about architectural interior design. The mind boggles, but I like doing the drawing. It allows me to pretend I can actually draw. So pleased. I get good results, but it is very structured. But just starting... Continue Reading →

Yet another earthquake

This time in Japan, in the north-eastern part. It's been one natural disaster after another this year. January was Queensland Australia, February was Christchurch New Zealand (only 2.5 weeks ago), and yesterday was Sendai province Japan. How do you hope... Continue Reading →

Wheat-free diet

I am feeling really hungry, and there is no snack that I can eat that does not contain wheat. I saw the Bovril and thought a snack with Jacob's crackers would be nice. But I can't have that, since it... Continue Reading →

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