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MYO sushi.

I remember about 10 years ago in Perth, there was a franchise business called Make Your Own ... salads and sandwiches.  I don't remember the full name - something makes me want to say Mr Bird's Make Your Own ....... Continue Reading →

The Marlborough Pub.

Went to the Marlborough Pub on Friday for a pub dinner.  Located on Friar Stiles Road, it's a cosy pub, nicely decorated with a well-to-do clientele.  I guess I determined the "well-to-do" bit by both the prices on the menu,... Continue Reading →

Kingston upon Thames

Last weekend, we discovered Kingston.  Now I've known of its existence the last 6 months, but we've just never made it there for window shopping and the like. It's really only been because my parents' visit 2 months ago, and... Continue Reading →

Of celebrity chefs and their restaurants.

Probably no different to thousands of other fans around the world, Jamie Oliver is my favourite celebrity chef.  In Australia, if we were to watch any cooking show, it would not be Gordon Ramsey, Kylie Kwong, Ken Hom, etc etc.... Continue Reading →

The joys of birthday parties.

My son recently celebrated his birthday. And of course, with birthday parties, you want something interesting and different for the children. All parents know this and it is the same the world over.  We decided on a Halloween type party... Continue Reading →

“Fake” curry laksa

In Sydney, I used to go this place in Macquarie Shopping Centre that was pretty good for their chicken curry laksa.  Not mind you, for the dedicated among us, it not real curry laksa, but it was a pretty good... Continue Reading →

A new adventure in cheese.

I don't eat a lot of cheese, and indeed, I don't cook very much with it.  It was only around 20 years ago that I started to learn to eat cheese.  Cheese really isn't part of our diet. I remember... Continue Reading →

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