After nearly a three year hiatus, I am off on another adventure. This time the Via Francigena. Very excited, and nervous. I will start tomorrow and cover just the Italian leg of the walk. I had great intentions of doing the whole journey. But there have been great commitments of my time elsewhere too. And so, a little walk of 1200 km, not 1900 km, is still a very great walk.

My trip will start in Aosta and we plan for loads of sightseeing stops. After all, I am in Italy!

I have ambitions to document my journey better. Great intentions that included setting up a dedicated blog page for pilgrim walks, monastic walks, pilgrimage or simply hiking. However, in getting everything else sorted, I just didn’t quite get round to the perfection I had envisioned. I guess this is what I am still working on. Procrastination resulting from perfection. But I will keep posting. And hopefully daily, like I did when I am on the camino.

What I am very pleased – proud to say is that I cane off the camino in 2015 with the desire to walk the Via Francigena in 2018. Three years seemed to me a really long time. I did not know how I would find the time once I got back into the normal workforce. But strangely I did. I decided I needed the money for the Via Francigena. Despite the circumstances and in spite of circumstances, here I am fulfilling it. In truth, it hadn’t been an easy ride so I have a tremendous feeling of gratefulness in my heart that I have reached where I have.