It’s the first time I’ve walked with the group since July. I felt lazy and sluggish when I woke. But that’s when I know that it’s time to just do it anyway. I travelled across London to get to the tube station where we were all to meet. North East London is new to me so I was looking forward to the mix of urban and park walking. Just walking really – to see how my feet would go in these new shoes.

I started well in my new Meindl walking shoes. They are much lighter and more breathable than my Saloman boots. It felt more like a track shoe. I soon found out later that this also causes me problems. Because my foot rolled a lot over the loose stones, it caused my IT bands to seize up and my knee started really hurting. By the end of the day, I could hardly get down the stairs of the tube station not bend my knee. Instead, I had to lift my left hip high to swing my leg. A very frustrating experience. Still, it’s a lesson for me to keep focused on my Pilates exercise. I’d rather be able to fix this whilst I’m still young than have it deteriorate into knee surgery later on in life.

North London walking had its fair share of rolling expanse of parks. Rather ex- country estates if some large lodges of well to do folks who weren’t even if the blue blood sort. That’s my way of saying “I can’t remember their names, they were posh but not as posh or important for me to remember”. I promise I’ll try harder.

 The bits I liked best was walking on the abandoned tramline between Finsbury Park and Alexandra, and the arboretum cemetery near Stoke Newington. I think this is called Adbury Park. I found it fascinating to see tomb stones emerging from the trees. Overgrown and forgotten. Ghostly, yet friendly. A place you’d stroll through with your kid and dog, yet avoid it in the evening. 

This reminded me of the Lord of the rings scene with Aragorn gazing at the tomb of his mother.
Abandoned church with rose window stained glass destroyed by fire.