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If you’ve ever wondered what a commute is like in London, here’s a picture of the queue to get to Bank on the Warerloo City line at around 8.40 am. Commuters quietly queuing and inching their way into these steel tubes that shoot off into the darkness. I’ve spent the last few days observing my fellow commuters who create a private space of their own amidst the crush by avoiding eye contact, listening to music or pacifying themselves on their smartphones. It’s amazing how much important work their is to do on a tiny lit screen. It struck me the zombie like way we all moved as a crowd – obedient and docile. Until the next train comes and we squash in as much as possible.

If you’re a tourist in London, avoid any travel till 9.30 am. It’s cheaper anyway. Peak times for travel after work is from 5 to 7, but it’s not as intense as the morning rush hour.