The alarm went off at 7.30 am. We were ready by 8 am. Our speediest time yet. Outside the window I could pilgrims trudging by. Perhaps they stayed at San Estaban overnight.

We had a lovely breakfast buffet included in our room rate. The French ladies were also dining. We met them from time to time over the last couple of days, and it was nice to have a meal. They have been walking in stages with one of them having started in Le Puy 6 years earlier. They had started from Santillana del mar and were walking only as far as Sebrayo. From there, they were going to catch a bus back to Bilbao – a trip of about 3.5 hours on the most direct route. I met pilgrims of old would have just marvelled at the speed of our modern life.

The day’s walk was just beautiful. The cloud cover was welcome. It made it less draining for me and also helped minimise the heat that can build up in my boots. I walked quite fast at some stages, though towards the afternoon my feet just started getting sore. But no more blisters, which is good. I am really hoping to find the solution for no more blisters. Then I can concentrate on getting stronger in the feet.

We stayed at Hotel Entrevines. It was the second hotel we looked at. Hotel El Meson just in the edge of town looked like a super expensive albergue private room. The lady at our hotel was very nice and the rooms were clean. We had a whole half day to ourselves and I spent it uploading Facebook photos and catching up on general news. But I was a little bored. I would haveiked to have walked further but the towns weren’t big enough to support a bus station. Sebrayo had a bus service but it must be a country bus service for it would take 2.5 hours to get to Villaviciosa.

In the evening, we went to the supermarket and had a drink at the local beer garden drinking hole. Then we waited till 8 pm for dinner. Dinners are just so late on the del Norte. I was starving by this time.