Dinner last night was delicious. For €10, We got a lovely mix of food. My friend ordered grilled prawns and crumbed veal. I ordered paella and rolled flounder with seafood. Plus wine, sangria, bread and water. Thinking back to the pilgrim menu from the camino, I get so much more bang for my peregrina buck out here in the Camino Del Norte. I was telling my friend about the awful monotonous food that was served town after town after town. Ensalata mixta, garlic soup, bean soup, spaghetti bolognese, pork with potatoes, steak with potatoes, fish with potatoes, roast chicken with potatoes. I think food only got better in Galicia. 

We’re both looking forward to the walk today. Having taken a day of rest, it’s time to get our feet moving. Two of my blisters are fine. But the third is still a little niggley. I am going to have to pad it out a bit more tomorrow when I tape my feet. 

Having lost 2 walking days, I will not make it to Gijon at all. But it is what it is. The last 2 days have been fun. And I have enjoyed my early day off. I think I might make it to Ribadasella, possibly Villaviciosa, whereupon I will need to catch the bus. I am still deciding where the stay in Aviles. I had fancied the Hostal Rural Surf near the beach and the airport, but I will play it by ear. If I go to the hostal, I want to be there for 2 nights to give me time to do some other activities. So I will see how it goes with my friend and I and decide when the mood strikes for us to part.

The alarm was set at 7.30 am. Staying in a pension and dark mornings do not provide an incentive to get out of bed. So it was about 8.30 am when we tumbled out of our room. We made our way past Playa de Sablon to the sea walls where I had walked yesterday and headed west. It was a lovely walk and my friend’s German guidebook pointed the way to beaches along that stretch. It would have been quite lovely to have stopped for a swim. We had breakfast in a bar in Poo. I had a bacon and egg bocadillo and a cafe con leche grande. Delicious! I notice that it is necessary to order the grande size on the deal Norte. Otherwise you get a teeny tiny coffee that looks more like an espresso. 

We walk past the church by the river before crossing a blue bridge and heading up into the woods. It was midday and the sun was high in the sky. The sight of clouds in the sky was a bit of a relief because it meant that the afternoon’s walk wouldn’t be so hot. We did not stop for lunch and I had my orange and nuts to give me energy. I am looking forward to dinner tonight.

We also stopped to visit San Anton de Bedon monastery ruins. Wondering around the place, I imagined what life might have been like in the 1700s with robed monks running around the place, praying and tending to their fields. This must have been a remote site then. I look up and notice the highway high above. Those monks would have marvelled at today’s modern infrastructure. The new and the old.

We stopped on many occasions to visit horses, pugs and chickens. Near Villarhomes, there were these black low-bellied pigs. Interesting little creatures. I’d never seen one like it before.

At Villarhomes, there’s an amazing restaurant or sideria. The food smelt divine! If you are in this part