Ok, we are heading West again. We’re taking the bus as my friend is getting bored of the views. She’s thinking about spending a day at the beach and sightseeing. I’m flexible, just going with the flow. I can spend a day reading my book and catching up on my blog posts. It feels like that kind of trip for me. Just do what I am called to do as it comes. Taking advantage of the change of plans and seizing the upside. I feel happy – just living moment by moment. An almost empty mind that’s not too much in the past and not too much in the future, with an observer eye just noticing it all. I’ll figure out next week, next week.

Anyway, I’m happy not to walk back on a route that I’ve just walked. Plus I have 3 tiny blisters that I don’t want to aggravate further. I want to head straight for the pharmacy in Llanes to stock up on medical tape and antiseptic cream. I have already needled it. Not my favourite thing to do, but what I’ve found to be most effective. Otherwise, the way my feet are, the blisters will grow.

I also took the opportunity to get myself “tidied up” at the salon. Just like when I was in Leon. Truly, I have been really busy for these things and it is nice to have time to do it.

I am finding that I am living much more in the moment. Yesterday, I concentrated a lot on walking slightly differently. Stretching and straightening my leg just that little bit more. I have been going to Pilates. After difficulties climbing down mountains, I wanted to see what muscles needed strengthening. It turns out, the vaso-medialis, or stabiliser muscle is very weak. This is the muscle located on the inner thigh side of your knee cap. Turns out then that the stronger outer thigh muscle pulls the knee cap outwards. The overall action means that the knee cap grates and the muscle starts to fatigue and seize up. My trainer has been helping me with this. For many who have knee pain going down hills, it’s worth checking this out. 

A few of observations from the past couple of days:

1. One benefit of walking backwards on the camino is that you will never get caught up in the competitive race to cover long distances, because the people who are racing are behind you! And getting further and further away. 

2. When walking backwards, you can find the trail by spotting the line of pilgrims walking towards you. This was scarce on the Del Norte but should not be a problem in the Frances.

3. Tourism offices get very confused on how to direct you out of town against the tide of the camino. It is interesting to observe the slight confusion that crosses their face. 

4. Whether you are walking forwards or backwards, walkers on the camino respect each other – simply for walking, simply for being there, simply for participating. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, or how slow, you participated to the best of your ability. This idea came home strongly to me yesterday, especially as I’ve also been reflecting on the Man in the Arena quote used by Brene Brown in her books. 

Anyway, these are the pictures from yesterday. It would have been the pictures from today had I walked.


Sweeping views of mountains to the sea – Llanes
Views to the east from a panoramic viewpoint.
Carbs, carbs, carbs for lunch. And water.