I am staring at all the different airfares.  In fact, I’ve been looking at it, off and on, for a while. A friend is starting the del norte next week, and I had thrown it out as a crazy idea back in June, that if I had the time, I’d meet her for one night on the del norte for dinner to walk a day with her, and then leave.  Given my experiences of meeting companions on the journey, I definitely had no plans to do much more than that.  It is her camino too, and her freedom to be who she wanted to be and to create.

It was a crazy idea, borne out of the confidence of returning from my Camino Frances. One would call it a “high”.  But a part of me felt that the camino was not finished for me.  Though at the time, and even now, I cannot claim to have found some profound answer to the meaning of life (and trust me, I *really* wanted that answer), I enjoyed the camino for the wonderful and wondrous landscape vistas that was on offer.  And I knew that as a method of travelling, it is not over for me.  I feel it is a fantastic way to see the country and its history.  It is learning at a whole different level.

Anyway, del norte was just talk, until talk became “why not”.  There are many reasons for “why not”.

  1. It’s too soon.
  2. You have just done 7 weeks on the Camino Frances. Why do you need to do it again?  Most people just do it once.
  3. People only tick a bucket list item once and move on. They don’t revisit.
  4. People will think you are crazy.
  5. People will (silently) wonder why you are doing this and reach their own conclusion – which is that you are crazy.
  6. People will think you are not looking after your family.  How will they manage?
  7. This will interfere with the process of job hunting.
  8. This will interfere with our project timelines for getting the house renovated.
  9. This will cost money.

All of my reasons ground down to 3 things:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. What will people think

And if I told the truth to myself, it would be:

  1. What will people think
  2. What will people think
  3. What will people think

What would you think? Would you do it, and would you want to do it?