Life after the camino has been somewhat sluggish. I found it difficult to settle back into the normal routine, for what was that routine? Is it truly necessary for me to slip back to what life was? I hope not. I want something better, something more. Exactly what is that still remains unclear for me. 

However, in the interest that doing something, anything, gives one the forward momentum, I’ve been decluttering, and in a very huge way.  The philosophy I had when walking the camino – carry only what you need and buy what you need when you need it.

It all started with trying to get all my clothes into my fitted wardrobe, and no, spilling out into extra chests of drawers are not allowed.

I have a lot of clothes, I’ve realised. And I’ve kept a lot of items that’s “hmmm, that’s too good to throw away.” I’m sure you have those. And tons of good empty boxes perfect for when I need a box for a present. Or make up and cosmetics – near full – but unused in months, if not years. Gone, gone, gone.

2 weeks, 5 trips to the Op Shop and 3 trips to the tip later, I’m still decluttering. I cannot believe. How did I accumulate so much stuff that it is actually hard work to get rid of it? I feel the waste. I see the waste of my consumerism. And when I’m at the tip recycling, I see the mountain of others’ efforts. Wow! As a society, we are wasteful. I am wasteful.

I am still decluttering. Not sure how many more weeks it will take, as it does give me a headache. But I hope to get to the freedom I felt with my backpack. Everything I need in there, and nothing more.