I seriously have lost track as to what day I am on. (I’ve not had wifi or good wifi in the albergues I stayed at. Hence, my relative silence. I will need to play catch up.)

I know I am beyond Day 42 and that I am in my 7th week. I have a bung foot. A toe jam on the mountain after El Acebo has caused anxiousness and grief. Several toe jams later and it looks like I might lose my big toe. It’s like biting you lip. Once you bite it, for some reason, you keep biting on the same spot. I don’t think the doctors in Sarria expect me to be one day away from Santiago. I was told to rest my foot or walk no more than 10 km a day. Four days and 95 km later, I am but 20 km short of the goal that all who started from St Jean Pied de Port have aimed for. 

I would write more but I’m very tired.