There was a giant Pa Pa Bear in the room last night. And he snored and he snored and he didn’t stop. All night. And he sawed through my sleep. I woke up at 1 am to look for ear plugs. They were not completely soundproof but it took the edge off the snoring.

I thought I slept in late but I realised it was still quite early. 6.45 am. I ran around packing up my stuff and then made a quick cup of coffee to get me on the go. Left a donation for the beautiful fantastic meal we had last night and I was surprised at how little others left. Given that we’ve been paying €10 for less than average meals, I thought others would at least drop that amount, there were many coins and not a lot of notes. The albergue was so lovely. I really hope they keep going with the donativos they get for their vegan meals.

Best salad in Spain
Thai curry and rice

The walk was lovely. I walked with Monica and we had a cracking pace of 5 km an hour at some points. It’s still unsustainable for me and I fell back to a more rhythmic 4 km per hour. 


Monica and I
Snack stand and mud brick house.

Music along the way

Astorga in the distance.



looking towards the Santa Maria Albergue