I left Hostal Oreja for Hotel SPA Paris. I stopped off for breakfast and saw Sheila. We had a quick chat as to our plans for the next few days. Sheila’s worried about my blister. I promise her I’ve seen the pharmacist and that I’m resting for 4 full days. She carries my pack the rest of the way to the Hotel. She wants to, and I allow her. I must learn to accept help when it’s offered. I give her a big hug. I’m sure we’ll meet up in a week or so. 

The spa is divine! They’ve got just about every water jet device to punch, massage and tickle the tension out of your body. I even managed to massage my sore calves and Achilles heel. It was so “lurvely” that I’ve decided to book a spa hotel in Astorga. 

After spa was a trip to view the inside of the cathedral. Beautiful jewels of light penetrate the dark interior of the cathedral. The cathedral is so tall yet so light. You are forced to look up to admire the stained glass and feel the wonder and majesty of God in the presence of shards of light penetrating down to the floor. 

View from choir to altar.
Panorama of the nave.


Fine Flemish craftsmanship
Wall painting


Late Gothic period


People watching
West door with the Virgin Blanca.


I tried a lovely French place near the cathedral for lunch. What attracted me was their non peregrino menu. I mean, there was nothing on the menu that would hint that it’s just a more sophisticated version of Menu Peregrino. As I ate, I saw Jacqueline  and Chris and invited them to sit for a drink. It was just lively enjoying the sunshine and company. Jacqueline sets off tomorrow so who knows if we’ll meet again. That is the way of the camino.

The view from my table
French salad with Brie, walnuts, punenuts and balsamic vinegar. It is NOT ensalada mixta. Thank goodness.

And for dessert, cold chocolate and churros.

My tummy is happy, and I am a happy girl again.