An earlier than planned rest day in Carrion, and at a posh hotel. At €45 a night for a single, I think this beats any pension hands down.  

I kept my day off pretty simple:

  1. I slept in. 
  2. I had a deep bath
  3. I wrapped my naked body in the big white fluffy towels and felt happy
  4. I nearly jumped on the bed like a trampoline
  5. I went to the farmacia, supermercado and bar to contribute to the local economy
  6. I had a proper steak for lunch. Meat! Carne! Yum. Flame grilled no less. All I need tonight is a wine and tapas. So happy that I’ve had decent food and not the peregrino muck the albergues are dishing out.
  7. I got to charge all my stuff and I didn’t have to share the power outlet. In fact, I didn’t have to share anything!
  8. I spent all day catching up on my blog posts. 

Aiming for an early start tomorrow, with hopes that blisters will be okay. I get a head start on the 17 km as my hotel is 1.25 km into the route. Hoping to reach Teradillos, and possibly Moratinos. Fingers crossed.