I took a rest day in Burgos, as I had always intended. I wanted to explore this UNESCO city. Sylvia wanted to stay an extra day at the hotel instead of going to the Davina Pastora as she wanted the space to attend her blisters. I was fine either way. It made sense not to move.

Breakfast at the Hotel Nortre y Londres was “okay”. It’s not a hot breakfast so selection is limited to a croissant, toast, marmalade, jam, cheese and coffee. It never feels worth the amount that you pay for it. That is,

As I wandered around the streets, it felt very odd not to go into shops to browse for something to buy. There was nothing to buy because, basically, I couldn’t carry it. What a change in shopping behaviour after just 3 weeks on the camino. From then on, the shops just seemed boring because I couldn’t buy. 

Burgos cathedral is just awe inspiring. The craftsmanship of every artist in expressing their dedication to God can be seen in every corner of this church. With the stones cleaned, the church looks bright, light and inviting. Well worth spending the 2 hours visiting the church during the day and listening to the audio guide. There’s a pilgrim mass every evening at 7.30 pm. But you go to a small side chapel and can’t visit the main church areas. So there’s no point trying to avoid the €3.50 entrance fee.

It surprised me that not every Peregrinos would stop to look at the cathedral. I do appreciate that they might not be religious, or of the Catholic faith, but if you are hiking the camino, this is one of the churches to stop into. It has been in the past. 

Post cathedral visit was a stop at the post office to mail some 265 grams of stuff home. In total, I’ve sent back around 400 grams. Sounds not a lot, but it is still weight and it makes a difference – I am learning.

Sheila had organised lunch with 8 other peregrinas and I had a lovely time chatting to others in english. How my goodness. How I miss the ease of conversation in my own language. I realised I was growing mentally weary of speaking Spanish and doing a terrible job of it. Of understanding the intent between words I do not understand.  Though lunch was nice, it was an up market peregrino menu. Have I mentioned it before? I am growing wearing of Spanish food.

I went to Pilgrim mass where Sylvia caught up with Marischol and her husband. They live in Burgos but were walking a section of the camino. I met them for dinner at Belorado. They invited me for tapas but I declined. It’s best for Sylvia to catch up with them, without need for a conversation to be watered down to pidgeon spanish for my benefit. I returned to the hotel, a bit at a loose end and settled into use the wifi, which I could only do in the hotel lobby. 

Eight pointed star dome

Grand golden staircase. door leads out to street level above.
Painted portico
Woman visitor reflecting near choir.
Crest of family in The Chapel of the Constables
Painting by Leonardo da vinci
Church window