The room in our albergue was so stuffy. Kay was the first one up and the usual rustling of sleeping bag and dry sacks invariably tend to wake one up. No need for alarm clocks. I rushed off to get my morning routine done. I was feeling a little unhappy with the big blister on my toe. I had compeeded over the drained blister but it had swelled overnight and was unable to evaporate through the skin.

There are many theories about blister management. And is the subject of a whole separate post!

Sylvia had swelling in her blister too and was unable to boot up. I had planned to use my hiking sandals to hike today as it was give relief to my toe not to be quashed in a boot. But as my hiking sandals dyed Sylvia, I let her have it since I could still hike in my boots.

We had breakfast at an early morning bar and panderia. Kay headed off directly as she said she was very slow. Coffee always wakes my body up, so I had to have it. 

The trek today was slower than usual because of strong winds. It’s much harder. The views of Burgos were nonetheless beautiful. It reminded of the trek into and out if pamplona with the wind turbines about. Wind turbines are everywhere. In Spain, they don’t look very ugly. In fact, I think they are quite pretty. Breaks up the landscape a bit and lets you know if you are close to a biggish town.

A coffee break in Cardenuela before the long walk into Burgos. There are 3 routes into Burgos. I didn’t do much research on this on simply followed pilgrims in front. So I ended up taking the airport route into Burgos. It was fine. And rather interesting to see a plane take off. It’s a local airport, so planes aren’t huge commercial liners. 

From here, you can take the highway in, or the river route, the river route is nicer. Be aware however that you’ll feel like you’ve been walking FOREVER to get into Burgos. This time I booked a hotel since we had decided to stay 2 nights in Burgos. We made our way to the Hotel Nortre y Londres. It wasn’t too hard to find from the river and actually, you can probably stay at other (more distant) hotels that are nicer. They are only a 5 minute walk into Burgos Cathedral. So hotels around the Human Evolution Museum and Hotel Abbé all look very good too.

Some excellent pizza at a restaurant still open filled the tummy. Couldn’t tell you the name of pizza place but the had the best marinara pizza I’ve had in a while. Makes me hungry thinking about it.

We then set off to look for a shoe shop to buy new hiking sandals for Sylvia. Eventually, we were referred to a place in Spanish Plaza. The owner was so helpful, himself having walked the camino. This shop gave peregrinos 15% discount and 5% discount on sale items. What’s there not to like?

Sylvia had taken so long finding her shoes that by the time we finished, it was 6.30 pm. To be honest, I was so tired and rather grumpy. We traipsed back to the hotel for a bath, skipped dinner and tended to our blisters instead. 

Burgos is a really nice weekend city to visit. The women are so fashionably dressed and I felt like an absolute grub walking around in my hiking sandals – and socks! To keep my feet clean of course! Remember my whinging about my ugly hiking sandals. Well, now, I’m glad I got them. I’ve had to use them for hiking in occasion, to give my feet a break and they’ve been a lifesaver! So thank you Cotswold Outdoors shop assistant – you’re a life saver! 

Best seafood pizza since Australia