Today was a short day as we did not want to climb the Oca mountain late in the day. Also, Sylvia wanted to stay in a hotel that also runs an albergue in Villafranca. It’s called San Anton Abad and it’s a very nice place.

For a short day, today had its share of obstacles. In the trail, there was a burst pipe in the fields which caused the way to be very muddy. I was hiking in sandals as my blister, hidden under compeed was just growing with each day. (Now, I shall not post a picture of my blister as it might grosse you out. It is very huge. But Hubs said, if it hasn’t burst, leave it. But I’m beginning not to have room in my boots and I think I might have to needle and thread it before the big walk from Villafranca to San Juan de Ortega.)

So you can imagine my being a tad upset that something I was trying to keep clean was covered in mud. Of course it’s not the end of the world but I hated the thought of carrying muddy shoes and socks in my pack. I couldn’t wait to get to the next town to wash up. And wash I did. Thank goodness I did, the mud was very sticky. I kept washing the mud out of the socks and still the water came out brown.

Then, after washing out as much as I could, I bought Sylvia a cafe con leche for helping me through this pallava. But the milk did not suit me that morning. Half an hour later, I was walking through the countryside with bano on my mind. I had to go!

So much drama for a short day.

The afternoon was great though. Relaxing lunch, hotel laundry, a siesta and fixing blisters!

More later. I am freezing outside this new albergue in atarpeuca. Gotta go in.