Okay, so we did a bit of a naughty thing. Kay from Australia could not walk across Logrono, and Maryanne from Sweden said her guidebook said that Logrono was very boring, and Patrick and Kim from the US are behind schedule, and I wanted to keep walking with the group we have. And so, we jumped into a taxi to cut across the city to Navarette, whereupon we spent the day walking some 18 km to Najera. Yes, no doubt there’s going to be plenty of judgment, but the way I figured, I’m sure the odd pilgrim managed to hitch a ride on a donkey cart from time to time.

To be honest, I am behind schedule myself. I could take my time to astorga, but that means 21 km solid days when I meet my friends in Astorga. I could do 25 km solid days to meet them in Sarria, but that means complete exhaustion and very little sightseeing. Oh, I still can’t decide, so I’ll just focus on getting myself to Santo Domingo and then decide from there.

The good thing about catching up a day is that you increase the likelihood of seeing peregrinos you’ve not seen in a while. After we visited the beautiful church with full gold altar, we stopped by a coffee shop and who do I see but Sylvia, my amigo from Brazil. Oh, we were both so happy, and spent part of the day chatting but not understanding each other. It was wonderful! Then much later in the day, as we were struggling to get into Najera, I saw Diaga and we had a quick hug and a chat. She is walking with other pilgrims now, as I waited with Kay as she attended to her feet.

Though it started rather chilly this morning – both in Viana and in Navarette – the weather became searingly hot. And though I slipped, slopped, slapped in the morning – that’s Australian for putting on sunscreen – I only did it in the morning and forgot my arms and legs. Consequently, I am significantly much sunburnt. My skin feels warm to the touch and rather itchy. Yes, it’s sunburn.

The church at Navarette

Gold altar

Rioja grapes

Pueblo and Pico mountains in the background.


Lunch by the side of a farm