Steps: 22754

Elevation: Ascended 600m to 1400m. Descended 350m

Distance: 15.2 km

Walking time: 7.5 hours


Lunch: €4

Accommodation: €10

Dinner: €10

Daily total: €24

Cumulative total: €118

Dear Diary

I had a stunningly beautiful day out on the Pyrenees. It was clear as far as the eye could see. Breeze was but gentle and cooled the sweat off my brow. That’s not the say that the climb was not tough. It was tough going up, and up , and up. And like yesterday, I was rewarded with fantastic views. 

As the day wore on, I kept peeling my layers off to cool down. I am amazed got there with my pack. I had food from hubs still to get through plus an extra bottle of water. Once again, thank goodness for the walking poles which helped to keep me upright. It also kept me steady as I did these spontaneous stretches to ease already tight muscles.

I was truly lucky with the views. I’d heard that those who crossed a day later faced strong head winds that made it difficult to move forward. Small stones were whipping about.

From 800m, I climbed another 600m and then descended 400m. There’s a water fountain near the spanish border. The Fontaine de Roland. And no it wasn’t marked like how it is in the movie The Way. The path hugged the side of the mountain on the Navarra side. Then we passed a forest of trees that looked liked it’d just shed its autumn leaves. Of course this is confusing since we are in spring. The leaves underfoot were sift like carpet as though it was freshly laid. 

By this point my knee was really giving me trouble. I could barely bend it. I could barely lift it. I started to walk in an awkward way to compensate but I knew it was not good. It would only create problems later in. We came out of the forested area and continued to climb up some more. 

I stopped at a beautiful viewpoint and decided to take off my boots and stretch out to enjoy. I was careful to make sure the boot did not bounce off the mountain like in Wild. My water bottle very nearly did.

There were still sections that still had ice and some paths were blocked, including the pass at the high point.

Going down was really tough and felt like it went forever. Many people passed my by including those who had started from St Jean that day! Never mind take it slow. 

But oh, the sight of of the monastery through the Forrest was wonderful. Never have I been so happy. And so exhausted.

Must keep moving. No photos due to limited wifi. It’s taken me forever to get this post up. I keep losing the edits!