T minus 2 days to my camino.

Contents of my toiletry bag

FMCG companies must make a fortune selling stuff in travel size. Things cost 20% less for 20% of the normal size. It costs to go small. Well, this is my stash. It took about 2 hours at Sainsbury working through it. Should I buy this? Is it big enough? Will it last the journey? Can I buy an equivalent in Spain? Is it light enough? Does it smell nice?

On and on it goes.

I did purchase a couple of items to, basically, humanise me during the trip. Deodorant to function as said, and as perfumery. Face moisturiser tinted to give me skin a little colour. I feel pale after winter. Eye liner and lippy to feel like a girl. Hand cream to use during my evening relaxing ritual. It’s just a bit of home.

That square thing? That’s the lightweight towel Hubs bought. I just can’t imagine how I will dry off. It’s tiny! I won’t be using it as a wraparound towel.

Now, I also bought something on Amazon that I haven’t used yet. It’s the SheWee or ShePee. I’ve heard some places can be, well, difficult to get privacy of emergency strikes. I had first heard of the SheWee as the ShePee.  It was used by the the women of the NSW police force whilst on the beat. Now I’ve heard it’s very useful at music festivals where women have their own stalls.  Anyway, Hubs had suggested I get the SheeWee after a woman (who had walked the camino) mentioned it at a networking event.

This item gets good reviews on Amazon. Instructions of use include standing away from the wind. “How do you know where the wind is blowing?” I asked Hubs and Son. “We just know,” they replied. Uh-okay.

Still haven’t used it. TBH, the thought of it still feels very awkward to me. Maybe once I’ve gotten used to the lack of personal space and body experiences of others, that it might not feel so confronting. Guess I’m in for a new experience. Or I might bin it to save another 100g. I’m so embarrassed I’ve even gone for an extra small image of it.  😳

The SheWee

Post script. Okay, I have tried it. Actually, it’s highly accurate. And I can see it being useful on the Meseta (where I’ve read there are no trees) and you have no desire to “moon” anyone.