T minus 3 days to my camino.

We are companions on a journey, breaking bread and sharing life,….

This is the start of a hymn I used to sing in church, back in the day when I was church going.

So 3 days before I am to leave on a solo trip, I have a companion who will join me at the start. My Thai massage lady has been working with me to “unclog” my meridians. She’s been super excited ever since I mentioned (very casually) I was going for a walk…, well, a rather long walk. And out of the blue (to me anyway), she is joining me. She said that she felt in her bones that she needed to seize the day and walk. And in one day, she has reorganised her life to do so. What a powerful lady. Carpe diem, indeed.

It is lovely to be the source of someone else’s inspiration. It is a gift back to me to keep living an inspired life. How lovely if all of us could be to each other Generosity, Kindness and Compassion. Alas, the opposite is often true and many of us experience the discharge of others’ hurt through selfishness and judgment – all because these (often) unconscious beings cannot manage themselves.

This now makes 3 the number of peregrinos I’ve added to the walk. (My friend and her companion will join me in Sarria in a few weeks time.) Plus several others who now “wish” they could do it, and many more who “couldn’t” (their words, not mine). I would say that I once was a person who couldn’t “hike”, so I would not wish it to. Then I wished to do it but I could not see how. Then the universe moved in such a way that I could not say no. So I became a person who can do this. 

For many months, I thought I would journey alone and meet people along the way. I was abit afraid, intimidated. Now I have companions at the end, and at the beginning. Had my trip not been delayed, I would still have had companions through our impromptu walking group from an online forum. 

I now realise I was always going to have company, and that the universe did not intend for me to be alone on this Walk. I think Steve Jobs is right. There is a thread that runs our lives perfectly when we see it at the end, but not from the beginning.