T minus 4 days to camino.

Camino Catwalk

I have 2 changes and 1 hiking dress that I want to use mainly / only for sleeping. I’ve brought enough layers to keep me warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. And a change of dry clothes if I am caught in a sudden downpour. And non-hiking looking clothes on rest days when I’m washing everything else. 

Main hiking outfit

This is the gear I’ve been training in. I’ve got a Merino Icebreaker T shirt, base layer, fleece layer, Buff, Arc’teryx hiking trousers, socks plus liner.

These are my Arc’teryx 3/4 Capri tights, tank top and shirt. They are meant for slightly warmer days so I can keep a bit cooler. Tights can go as second layer to hiking pants if it is super cold. I’m disappointed with that the shirt is so easily crushed and can’t be shaken out. It needs ironing. I’ve decided to leave it behind. No time for ironing. There’s 120g gone.

I like the skort. It reminds me of my old netball days when I was truly fit. Useful on really warm days.

It’s a hiking dress turned nightdress. If I’m honest, I’d like to keep that its sole purpose . I don’t want to sleep in hiking clothes and trousers. I will feel uncomfortable. But I know it’s there for day use if I need it. 

What do you think? Keep it all or lose a set and if so, which one?

Tomorrow’s post: the contents of my toiletry bag. I’m sure you can’t wait.