Afternoon tea at The Balcon
Afternoon tea at The Balcon

T minus 9 days to camino.

I spent the afternoon catching up with the girls for Afternoon Tea, near the National Gallery. It’s been a while since I was out this way. I’ve started to get used to these locations now, often not seeing them as I hurry from one destination to the next. However, as I prepare for my camino, I am practising appreciating the easily missed information of every journey. I’m also practising taking photos and editing them on the iPhone.

Mural at Charing Cross Tube station
Significance of crosses

As I walked out of Charing Cross station, I could hear lots of noises of people moving  about and kids laughing. The sun was out, turning what had started as a wet rainy day to one of glorious sunshine. Everywhere looked beautiful, bathed in the yellow light that is Spring in England. This is a favourite time of year. Families are out and about and so were the street performers. This year seemed to be the Year of the Floaters – yodas, ghosts etc. appeared to be floating above the ground. New technology for street performers. The sounds of water from the fountains carried across the square as I stood at the upper levels admiring the lions at the base of Nelson’s Column.

Trafalgar Square


National Gallery


Pall Mall

I still find it fun to be able to go to places on the Monopoly board and yes, I still do appreciate living in London.