T minus 16 days to camino.

So I learnt about this technique for minimising weight at the outdoor shop. At the time of the conversation, I was pretty “green horn” about this whole trekking business. And I thought the shop assistant was pretty hard core. But now that I am coming to the business end of preparations, I thought I would give it a go.

Yes. I am cutting the excess foil around any medication I am taking. Not sure how much weight this reduces, but it can’t hurt, right? The only problem I see is telling the different pills apart. Hope I don’t get that wrong. 😉

I put all the pills into a bag and created a legend to help me tell the different medication apart. I don’t want to take the risk of overdosing. This crazy hard core idea of cutting the excess foil from around the pill really does work. I managed to fit it all nicely into a small ziplock bag. And it was much lighter!

Maybe I’m becoming a hard core weight watcher. Hubs doesn’t think so. He thinks I’m not being disciplined enough with my clothes. I’ve got more than 2 changes of clothes – at least for my tops. I just can’t bear the idea of running out of clothes. I love all the pieces I’ve put together and I can’t bear to choose which one to leave behind. I have a few more days yet before I leave to decide.