T minus 13 days to Camino, plus (possibly) another minus 14 days.

If I were to set this out as an equation, this would be -13 +(-14) = -27.  Yes! So glad I remembered my brackets.

The universe provides.  Time and time again, I am reminded of this. Never ask for a problem that you aren’t prepared to solve. Don’t even ponder about it. Because the universe will provide, but not in the way you pondered it. No. It will give you that, and then some.

Yesterday, I was wondering what would happen if I decide part way that I just didn’t have the strength to go on?  Well, the universe is now throwing up obstacles to me even getting started.  Things have stepped in the way to potentially delay my start date. Which basically means that what started off as a pondering, meandering kind of journey over 50 – 60 days, is becoming more “chop, chop”.  Yes, I had plans only to walk a measly 10 – 12 km days for the first 2 weeks.  I am now faced to cancelling tickets, cancelling accommodations, re-booking tickets and accommodations, and upping my mileage to a solid average in order to be in time to meet friends at a particular town so that we can walk on together.  It’s just a small spanner in the works.

At first, I was like “I can’t think”, and “It’s too hard to change my plans”, etc. Actually, now that I’ve found a solution, it wasn’t hard at all.  What was hard is to find a solution that could accommodate all the stakeholders involved.  What was hard was me giving up that the start of my camino had to look a certain way, ie. my desire to have a meandering kind of camino. Things are still in a state of flux, but I have a good Plan B.  Still, I need to bear in mind about what they say about best laid plans ….

So it seems that my life’s lesson is to learn to be patient and to wait ….  And, given that I have to give up on my Orisson accommodation with the possibility of not being able to get into Orisson on the dates I want to travel, I now really need to get into gear and train up for the first 22 km day in case I have to make it from St Jean Pied de Pont all the way to Roncevalles.

Going with the flow, people. Going with the flow. And being zen about the whole thing.