T minus 16 days.

Today, I’m running around doing errands. Just went off to Cotswold to pick up my new Merino wool buff. If you’re interested, Buff produce a version which had a map of the camino. I was sorely tempted to buy it. But it is made of polyester cotton, and I’ve already tried one of those. They just don’t wick away the sweat as well, and the thought of “smelling” myself after a day’s walk is simply not that appealing. Besides, hubs said, “No.” Only merino. So merino it is.

 Teva Tirra Red Sandals. 

I had also ordered online a new pair of walking shoes, to complement my walking boots and also function as an alternative for urban walking. They were a pretty, red strappy thing with well supported base. Perfect for urban. Ummm, not so sure about trails. I tried them in the shop, just to be sure. Yup, so pretty. I could definitely see myself in Burgos or Leon, sightseeing with them. Perhaps even visit the odd Michelin star restaurant. But, oh dear, am I going to run into the possibility of twisting my ankle on the trail? 

Sometimes, we ask ourselves questions we already know the answer to. It’s just that we don’t like the answer, and we are just looking for an alternative interpretation. Hubs wasn’t with me for that. So, the shop assistant would have to do. “Would these shoes be fit for purpose on the camino?” “On the trail? No.”

Sigh. Ok, let’s look at the big ugly ones instead. Don’t get me wrong. The Teva I got is super comfortable. The straps are much broader across my toes, and does not rub as much, so hopefully I won’t have blisters. The underfoot padding is also spongier and so feels more comfortable.  It’s also got good tracks on the sole and definitely looks like it will do a good job.

  Teva Fi 4. Paid £55 at Cotswold Outdoors with my club membership discount.

But, well, it is chunky and not very pretty. Note how I’ve tried to position the shoe attractively for the photo. But I just can’t hide the “caveman-ness” of it. (Or should it be cave woman-ness?) anyway, the other very important thing the man told me about is the fact that there is extra width around the toe area so I don’t stub my toes. 

Sigh. Maybe I should just get both, so that I don’t have to choose. No. Need not want. Need not want. Yes, I’m practising getting the thing that I want at the time that I need it. Too often, I buy stuff because I’m going to want to be using it. Then I find I don’t use it half as much as I thought I would. I was sorely tempted to buy the pretty red sandals for when I returned. But really. Who knows what I’ll feel like then?

But I won’t deny, I’m still wondering how I can dress for the odd posh restaurant I might want to go to.

I wonder if other peregrinas have encountered this problem?