//cameo.tv/c/GPv5oBwj/iframe This is a short video I made of my recent practice walk around Box Hill, Surrey.  It is with a Camino walking group. This was my third walk. The walk is organised by Adam Wells, founder of Discover the Camino. Adam is a life coach who uses the context of the preparing and walking the Camino to identify and highlight the things that hold us back and what we can do to change it. They do say the Camino is a context for life. At the moment, Adam doesn’t charge anything for the walk, which is around south west London (Wimbledon, Guildford, Box Hill).  You can find the walking group on this Meetup calendar. As part of my Camino trip, I’ve been looking into video apps.  Videos are very new to me. I’ve never really taken them before, partly because I think it’s very boring for others to watch.  My videos have tended to be “flat” – a recording of a single event over the space of time.  Without context, it’s not interesting for anyone else. What I’d like to do on the Camino (as in everyday life, really), is to give a flavour to loved ones back home about the journey – a real highlights of the day – and something more dynamic than a series of photos.  (And on this point, I’ve been comparing blog sites, and whilst I’m a long term user of WordPress and unlikely to migrate, I am disappointed with their photo display and mobile experience.  I will take a lot of photos – I tend to. But WordPress’s display of photos is just simply so boring. And their mobile app experience does not allow you to easily caption each photo.  I have to go into the code and separate each photo batch uploaded.  I’ve been looking at Tumblr and wondering whether I should set up a blog there just for my Camino journey.) Anyway, during this process, I’ve discovered a couple of video apps, and it’s been simply fascinating. In fact, these apps have really crystallised my desire to learn more about video/filming and how to piece together a story in a day. So I think this is what I am going to trial/learn during my Camino.  Already, I’ve learnt that my filming is very random. I film like I photograph, that is, I see a nice photo shot and I film it instead, panning to get a panoramic view.  When placed on film, I don’t like it – it’s boring. It’s “flat”. So, since I don’t do this very well, I’ve decided I want to do this better, and so I’m going to learn more about iPhone filming on my Camino. I figured it would be a good environment to practise finding beauty and interest in the little things. I will be using iMovie during the trip, as I can manipulate it in its entirety without having to go to the Cloud. I also looked at 2 other apps, one of them is Vimeo’s Cameo.  I like Cameo a lot. It is easy to manipulate, but a major downside is that it really sucks up the data, as any tiny edit means that it re-renders the entire film. So whilst Cameo is really useful at home with WIFI access, it’s really not the one to use in Europe. I hope you enjoyed my initial attempt and if you have suggestions on what I can do to improve my story telling, please let me know.