One thing I noticed that’s different when I walk with other people vs by myself is that I feel the impact of the passing of time and distance more. When I’m walking with others, I don’t notice the time passing. I am caught up in conversation, or quietly pushing myself on up the hill – mainly following the others. I am usually the last in the group, and happy to be at the back. It’s easier following people than to be at the front looking out for hazards.  Less taxing.

When I am on my own, I notice a real desire to want to check the time and distance. I keep pulling out my iPhone wanting to check the time, opening up the app to check the distance walked, number of steps taken and calories burned. Questions keep bubbling up such as:  How long have I walked?  How far have I covered?  How much farther do I have to go?  I wonder if it’s not too late to turn back.  Can I stop yet?

It makes the walking feel harder than it should be, like I can’t fully settle into the rhythm of it and enjoy it for simply what it is and what it is not.