I’ve had my boots for 2 months now, though it’s really only been the last few weeks that I’m wearing them to more places. I’ve got these Saloman hiking boots. They look pretty serious, don’t they? Well, they look serious to me. Big stompy shoes.


So far I’ve done 2 walks about 12 km, with a local walking group. I’m knackered at the end of it. I have no idea how I will make it to 20km a day. I know the next day, my legs are stiff, and usually something in the knee becomes very stiff. Not sure if it is a joint or a muscle. It usually goes away by the week’s end. Still, by the end of the walking day, I usually can’t bend my right leg.

I’ve tried walking on my own. The furthest I’ve made it is 7km. Usually something distracts me, like the need for water or some food, then I go walking off looking for those, and once I sit down, I don’t feel like getting up again. I then hop on the bus back.

“Pathetic!”, I hear you say. Well, it is what I can do for the moment. The way I see it I can only get better. And besides, each walk for me, is a learning experience. I’m figuring out how to use my jackets, it’s pockets, the vents. Am I too hot, too cold. I’m also figuring out how I break through the mental barrier.

So far, in walks on my own, I’ve stuck to urban landscapes with bus routes close by. Maybe it’s the weather – last week suddenly got so cold I had an asthma attack with no medication to hand, so I had to go back. But like I said, so far, close to bus routes. The question I have for myself, is when will I be ready to spend a few hours on my own away from bus routes? And having to rely on my legs to get to the end point.

If you think I’m not getting ready for the Camino, please be assured that I am. I have been tackling the mental, intentional part of the journey. And it has been a long hard journey so far. Though the time had come for me to now get the body moving in rhythm with the mind.