As part of mentally committing to the camino, I decided I would get my own scallop shell. It’s my way of step by step getting used to the idea that I am taking time out and I am doing the camino. So rather than buy a scallop shell, I thought I would just get my own.

So I walked to the fishmonger in my new walking boots to buy some. They didn’t have any unshucked. Bought 6 – 2 for each of the family. The thing is, I had some fantasy of being able to steam the scallop with onion and ginger and vermicelli – Chinese style.

I stared at the scallop. Every time I touched it, it shut. This is going to be harder than I thought. Had to YouTube to find how how to shuck a scallop. The thing I didn’t realise is how dirty a scallop is. I often think of it as “clean”. It’s white muscle and orange roe had made it look so pretty. But a scallop has the intestinal bits and when cut into it, had some awful looking liquid in dark green coming out. Duck shit green, I call it.

So I had to slip a knife through the shell and keep stabbing at the scallop until I managed to get at one of its attaching muscle to release open the shell. Then I had to remove all the frill and black bits. Remove everything except for the central muscle. Due to my lack of skill, I couldn’t save any of the roe.

I forgot that 6 scallops produce 12 shells. I now had too many shells for my Camino. Spoilt for choice.