Okay. It’s been too long since too long since I wrote a post . 3 years! I think I had forgotten my password etc. or maybe life got too busy … Not travelling! I’ve just been caught up with work, and work.

Don’t get me wrong. I have travelled. I’ve just failed to log it into a journal, so it feels like I am not travelling. I still have my pics on Facebook. But I miss the stories that go with the picture, and the photos slowly fade into each other, and so this is how the stories are lost.

WordPress app seems to have massively improved since I last used it – 3 freaking years ago! So now,…. I can do offline stories and post. I am very excited. I have a new adventure in the making, and I want to log every moment on the planning of it, and the travelling of it. It will bring challenges to me personally to do it – I’ve never travelled alone, backpacked, nor hiked or walked on my trips. But I will learn from it, grow and it will be very memorable. I now write because I need courage for the next steps. I won’t write about what I might be leaving behind. It’s too public a forum and the world is a small place. I write to create a new future of what’s entirely possible and probable, built from the past, of history which I love so much, which I learn so much, where I escape to when the present<!–more becomes too much.

Anyway, I will try this new app. I hope it gives me the outlet I need.